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Relocation Services

Since companies of any size face many challenges when they plan to move into a new facility, we have built a solution to help with the technology components of these activities. This also applies to companies who have to restructure their current buildings or offices. The goal is to always permit the user community to be immediately productive and able to support their clients.  Over the 18 years of helping clients with these kinds of challenges we have developed processes and procedures that make these difficult projects appear easy and seamless. All of these projects are complex by nature. There are many variables, some of which are simple to deal with while others, not so obvious, can be catastrophic if not addressed. By taking advantage of our depth of experience, our clients are able to eliminate the catastrophes and focus on managing the simple details.

Another aspect prospective clients value is that our breadth of experience has allowed us to support any type of business. Some examples of the industries we support are:


  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Biotech
  • Financial
  • Hardware Manufacturers/Distributors
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • News Organizations
  • Retail Companies
  • Semiconductor Manufacturers
  • Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers
  • Software Development
  • Television stations/broadcasters
  • Video Game Developers



The majority of relocation projects we assist with consist of desktop/workstation relocations. We therefore have been able to hone our skills in this area to a fine edge and pride ourselves on the speed and accuracy with which we are able to implement this process.

The highlights of this offering are:

We assist with any platform used at the desk.

  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • Linux
  • Mac

Notebooks/Laptops offer some challenges for clients. We have several unique offerings that deal with the challenges these devices present on some projects.

Telephones can also become part of our scope on projects. With the advent of more clients opting for VOIP systems, especially when they are moving, we are often asked to assist with deployment and testing of their new sets.

Gaming systems/consoles for clients in that industry can add another level of complexity and workload to their move projects. Early in our history we began assisting clients in the gaming industry and have built on that early foundation to offer seamless transactions in this area.

Network and local printers, while usually quite simple to relocate from one building or office to another, can be an annoyance to a busy IT team. We can and do take the burden of these devices off of their task list.


Servers/Data Centers

This is an area where we can offer an exceptionally high level of value and expertise to clients. These two areas are the core of IT operations and it is critical they are relocated successfully. The challenge any IT staff faces in these projects is twofold, they are complex and down time must be absolutely minimized. Since these moves are infrequent internal IT departments often don't have the experience they would like to insure all issues are successfully addressed.

The value Murphy, McKay & Associates, Inc. brings to the table is:

  • A breadth of experience that covers our 17 years of relocations of many thousands of servers and associated equipment.
  • Ability to bring an experienced team to any sized transaction.
  • Understanding the critical timing elements required in projects of this nature and our ability to staff each project accordingly.
  • Our processes are always evolving as technology changes. The fact that we do this every week allows us to team with our clients to offer just what they need, when they need it.
  • We have developed or use tools and processes that we make available to our clients that they might have had to discover, build or learn themselves.
  • We have worked in concert with other specialty providers in this field so that our clients can benefit from our long term relationships. Any company we might recommend to a client has been vetted by us and are people we trust.


Since we are always facing new environments we are able to offer a variety of new features or areas where we can bring our organizational skills to bear. If a client has some of these areas in their firm they know that each can offer unique challenges. Some of these areas are:

  • Hardware labs
  • Manufacturing labs or floors
  • Software labs
  • Engineering labs
  • Technical
  • Biotechnical
  • Semiconductor labs
  • Semiconductor fabs
  • Medical Facilities

Supplemental Technician Program

Client Challenges

They need assistance with their Technical Relocation but there is little or no budget for a fully outsourced, managed solution.  The internal IT staff is usually focused on the server room(s). Therefore, the desktop systems take a lower priority, although the user community and management may see them as just as critical.

Clients may ask their user community to disassemble and reassemble their own workstations. This sometimes works if the users are technical people although in any case, their productivity is negatively affected. If they are not technical, the complications multiply and complete days can be lost and the total cost of the transaction can soar.  In the worst cases the client's customers are negatively affected with a loss that is sometimes hard to calculate.


In response to the market place, Murphy, McKay & Associates, Inc. has created a unique offering to help IT staffs with the challenge of adding sufficient manpower for their technical relocations.  Murphy, McKay can supply technicians at a reduced hourly rate to be directed and managed by the client's IT team as they are needed for the project. The technicians are experienced in the disassembly and reassembly of desktop and server equipment. They bring the skills learned working on many and varied relocation projects that Murphy, McKay has managed over the years. The client's IT team will merely need to direct them as to what and where they are to work with little or no training beyond that which is unique to the client, e.g. testing protocols.

Getting Started

The client can decide how much help they need and for how long or they can request us to make recommendations based on our experience in this field.  Within as few as 5 business days, Murphy, McKay can fill most needs. Obviously, more notice is preferred although we find these decisions can be pushed to the last minute so we will work to meet the client's timelines.


Asset Inventory

As we have been involved in the relocation jobs many clients have seen these tranactions as a perfect time to do something they sometimes neglect. We are able to do a complete inventory of their technology . Most see this as a perfect time to accomplish this task. Everything they own will be handled. Some of the features of this activity are:

  • We can create a database for them. Since we have done hundreds of these we have a very robust, feature rich system. Since the database is designed for you, we capture all of the data you need.
  • We use the same technical people to capture the data that are already working on the greater move project. Since they are technical and experienced we are able to capture the data quickly and accurately.
  • We will enter the data into the database we designed or as with a lot of clients we will enter it directly into a database the already use.
  • The beauty of this feature of our offering is that it is very cost effective since we are already there and touching everything we are counting.

Partial Relocation Client List


  • Alta Bates Baker
  • & McKenzie LLP
  • BEA Software
  • BlueShield
  • Brown & Toland
  • Credence Systems
  • Cooley, Godward, Kronish, LLP
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • Eidos Exelixis, Inc.
  • First Republic Bank
  • FormFactor, Inc.
  • Gensler
  • Gilead Sciences
  • Grey Group
  • Hopkins & Carley Law Offices
  • KKR Financial LLC
  • Kirkland & Ellis LLP
  • McCann Erickson
  • Moody's KMV
  • Micrel Semiconductor
  • Namco Bandai
  • NBC 11- TV
  • NetSuite
  • Orrick, Harrison, Sutcliffe LLP
  • PDL Biopharma
  • Rackable Systems
  • Ross Stores
  • Riverbed Technology
  • Savi Technology
  • Serena Software
  • Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold
  • Sutter Health
  • TIBCO Software
  • Visual Concepts
  • UCSF Med Center
  • UTStarcom


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