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Augmented Services




Augmented Services

We provide technology professionals for EVERY LEVEL of your organization –

-----------> From Help Desk technicians to CIO's


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Our smart people come from smart processes:

- We identify, hire and continually train some of the most talented IT professionals.

- We support our employees to ensure they focus on your critical forward moving agendas.


Our Standards of Excellence:

1. Reduce technical staff turnover and disruption of business - Our employees are FAMILY. We take care of our people who in turn take care of our Clients:

  • Paid holidays AND vacations
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • 401K
  • Monthly technical training
  • Personalized career documentation/planning with metrics
  • Friendly helpful team members available as additional technical resource
  • Recognize milestones – birthdays, anniversaries, personal and professional accomplishments
  • WE CARE – it's an attitude that is reflected in each and every employee

2. Not everyone qualifies to be a part of our Murphy, McKay family – we test, screen, qualify each and every person to ensure they meet our expectations well before we would consider assigning them to our Clients.

  • Verbal, written and technical skills screening
  • Attitude, work ethic, professionalism and appearance
  • Desire to make a difference – not just a paycheck
  • Background and reference check

3. No Geek Speak: Clients and users deserve to get answers to their questions in PLAIN ENGLISH. Our technicians will not talk down to or make anyone feel stupid. They are trained to leave the user feeling good about IT.

4. 100% unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.  Our Clients deserve complete satisfaction with the people they work with. We will do whatever it takes to achieve that. No hassles, no problems.


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 WHY augment your technical team with Murphy, McKay professionals:

  • Provides options to meet your business needs
  • Eliminate the burden of finding, recruiting, hiring, training technical staff
  • Optimal workforce flexibility –Jump start business projects with infusion of trained staff
    • Short term, long term project based assignments
    • Periodic personnel shortages (vacations)
    • Coverage during off hour
  • Save money by using professionals for specified length of time
  • Immediate access to technology expertise – and the depth of the Murphy, McKay resources, efficiencies and best practices.
  • Protects you from costly delays and expensive detours
  • Cost effective utilization of your IT budget to accomplish your goals
  • No employee overhead (payroll taxes, benefits, vacation, worker's comp.)


Don't take our word for it;

Hear what Clients have to say about our quality people:


"I would like to say that Ruben was wonderful when handling all of my IT issues. He is very knowledgeable, communicative, kept me informed, reached out to me to make sure everything was working appropriately and was there for me when new issues developed. Ruben was always able to step in and find the cause and correct the issue. Thank you for assigning him to my issues and I truly feel he is a valuable team member. His breath of knowledge, understanding, patience and communication skills are of a very experienced technician."

- Sandy


"I want to let you know that David spent more than half an hour with me yesterday trying to help me through an extremely frustrating VPN issue. His patience and professionalism was much appreciated and I do hope that you know what an exceptional IT person you have on your team. Though "help desk" people are usually "helpful", David went far beyond just "helpful". He really made me feel like I wasn't stupid for not being able to figure out the problem on my own.

Can't tell you how much I appreciated David's assistance yesterday".

- Liz




"Wanted you to know that Josh did a great job with my MS migration. I was not looking forward to it because of my fear that something would get messed up or I would have laptop issues etc. Not only is everything working fine, but I got my laptop back same day.

I know the IT department is super busy and the only time your team probably hears from any one is to complain about something, wanted you to know we (Clinical Research) really appreciated all the hard work!"

- Yvonne





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